We are small company in pursuit of penetrating the market through services exceeding our customers expectations.

Our target market includes: individuals, gorvenment departments, Municipalities, implenting agencies and private entities.We are a customer-oriented and deadline-driven company dedicated to satisfying your business needs with the services we offer to you, our client. We have your interest at heart as our potential clinet.


  • To be the leading Public Relations Agency in the Eastern Cape Porvince.
  • To to contribute to the Eastern Cape’s economic development.
  • To provide internship opportunities to graduates.
  • To be the leading employer in the Province.

In pursuit of customer satisfaction through maximum utilization of our limited resources.

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Accountability
  • Value for money
  • To be involved in Community projects that better the lives of the poor.
  • To build, maintain and constantly improve our relations with our clients for a mutually beneficial partnership.
  • To be the key player in the Media, Communications, Marketing, Events and Entertainment industry in the Eastern Cape Province.
  • To be ahead of our competitors.
  • To exceed our customer expectations.

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